Value Proposition

For Life Science and Healthcare Professionals
  • Gain insights, information, and knowledge regarding the latest global life science trends involving Hispanics/Latinos and gain access to leading policy makers.
  • Connection to potential colleagues with shared backgrounds, experiences, and interests.
  • Connection to potential global employers.
  • Connection to potential resources for entrepreneurs.
For Life Science and Healthcare Organizations
  • Access to deep knowledge regarding the Hispanic/Latino consumer market for global life science products and services.
  • Access to deep knowledge regarding clinical and R & D issues specific to the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Access to the best and brightest Hispanic/Latino talent and potential employees in the global life science ecosystem.
  • Network with top leaders in the academic, governmental, and non-governmental organization sectors.


  • Provide forum to facilitate professional contact and communication.
  • Foster professional growth, career improvement and personal development of our members.
  • Facilitate connections and relationships between the Latino-American community and the life sciences industry.
  • Stimulate and facilitate development of relationships between the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical domains.

To fulfill our goals, we will

  • Sponsor professional meetings, seminars, and symposia.
  • Share career and employment opportunities in the life science industry.
  • Engage in thought-leadership.

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